Jan 052017

This dinner idea for meatballs in curry is guaranteed to be a success with both low carb eaters and other family members!!

I don’t have the exact recipe, kind of just made it up on the way, but it is so simple there will be no problems making it.

It consists of meat balls made of minced chicken stirred with eggs and psyllium husks and a little almond flour, not too much though or the meatballs will become a little boring.
If you like you can use other kinds of minced meat, I’m just into chicken meat these days.

As you maybe can see from the little green spots on the photo of the force meat below I often add blended onions and blended vegetables like broccoli and squash, because it is an easy way to make sure you get enough vegetables.

I serve this dish with rice for the kids, but for low carb fans I always serve it with the broccoli-cauliflower-rice.
Find the recipe for the broccoli-cauliflower rice on this other blog post.

meatballs for curry meal

Stir this mixture well.
Boil water in a pot, and add little meatballs to cook for approx. 5 min.
The easiest way to make the meatballs is to use a small table spoon, dipped in melted butter.
Take a spoon full of forcemeat and place it in the boiling water.

To make the curry sauce fry onions with curry paste of your choice, or curry powder, then add coconut milk.
Season with salt and maybe more paste, and finally add the meatballs.
If it needs more taste you can add a soup cube with chicken taste.

curry with meatballs