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Free Low Carb Recipes: When I decided to change my eating habits, I mean right back at the beginning when I was still considering whether a low carb diet would suit my needs, I knew I would need to find plenty of recipes.

I love to cook but I was very much a “by the seat of my pants” chef, that is I stuck to making the meals I knew I could cook well and that my family loved. I didn’t use proper measurements, just guesstimates and I would often do a favorite recipe with a twist – adding my own touch to the traditional. Unfortunately, this meant I was trapped in the cycle of eating food that, while not always completely unhealthy, was not the right type of food for me. I decided then, that when I wanted to lose weight I would have to find some good free low carb recipes that I could make for myself and the family.

Choosing the right foods

According to the Vanderbilt University, following a low carb diet can be something of a minefield – attempting to make sure the low carb menus you choose are in harmony with your dietary requirements. The University goes on to explain that a lot of people get confused with what fruits and vegetables they can eat – unaware that some are worse than others when it comes to the carb count.

For example, whereas a cup of fresh asparagus contains around four-grams of carbohydrate, half-an-apple has around ten-grams. I decided I would keep a copy, sort of create my own cookbook, of my favorite free low carb recipes. These recipes consisted of everything and anything low carb and were generally taken from reliable sources on the Internet, friends who followed low carb diets themselves and any low carb recipe I could find in the dozens of cookbooks I owned myself. As I became more confident with what carbs were better for me and what I needed to reduce or avoid all together, I even began to create my own low carb dinner recipes for the family.

Free Low Carb Diet Recipes – Making a Breakfast Fit For The Kids….

I may hold the role of mother, carer, cleaner and chef in my house but – and as is the case in many a household – when it comes to food, my kids pretty much rule the roost. While I do have to put my foot down on the odd occasion, there is always someone at school who has KFC every night, on a whole they are pretty good when it comes to eating healthy food and trying out my low carb experiments. Although during the week mornings in our house are a mad rush, I always insist the kids have a healthy breakfast and I always try to eat mine with them. This means finding a suitable low carb breakfast recipe for myself and even the kids was important.

This was one of the first free low carb diet recipes to go into my compilation and is still a firm favorite today.

Low Carb Eggy Tortillas

You will need – Four Whole-Grain Tortillas

Four Eggs
½ Cup of Low-Fat Cheese
A Splash of Low-Fat Milk

• Mix together the eggs, milk and cheese and cook in the microwave for several minutes. The exact time will depend on the strength of your own microwave but it averages four minutes. When the mixture has made fluffy scrambled egg remove and set to one side for a minute to cool.
• Stuff the tortillas with the scrambled egg and serve. My husband also adds jalapeño pepper to his egg tortilla but this is purely optional.

These tortillas are a dream for the low carb dieter, not only do they provide a substantial breakfast, each eggy tortilla contains around 5-grams of carbohydrates. An excellent breakfast for me and my diet and a great “brain power booster” breakfast for the kids.

It most certainly keeps you going until lunch.While looking around for free low carb diet recipes for my collection, I decided to look for suitable low carb dressings. I have always loved to eat a good salad, and while in the past they may not have been the most healthy, my new low carb lifestyle had improved my salad making no end. However, one thing I did miss was the gorgeous creamy dressings I would dump all over the salad, most of which had been dropped in favor of my weight loss efforts. So, I turned to the trusty Internet to search for easy low carb salad dressing recipes – here are two of my favorites-

Greek salad dressings are among my favorite and while many of them are made using red wine – my absolute favorites are lemon-based with a touch of garlic.

One Cup of Lemon and Garlic Salad Dressing

You will need – ½ teaspoon of salt
¼ cup of fresh lemon juice
Two teaspoons of oregano
Two finely grated garlic cloves
¾ cup of extra-virgin olive oil
One teaspoon of Dijon Mustard
Ground black pepper to taste

• Combine all of your ingredients except the olive oil. Once mixed together nicely, add the olive oil while you whisk the mixture.

• Taste your dressing, adding more olive oil if the dressing has too much acidity.

• Serve the dressing with a salad of your choice.

The beauty of this dressing is, it really packs a flavor punch to even the most boring of salads and because each tablespoon of dressing contains only a trace amount of carbs, it is a tasty addition to your low carb recipe collection.

My Own Thousand Island Dressing

You will need – ¼ cup of sour cream
¼ cup of low-sugar tomato ketchup
Three tablespoons of relish (your favorite brand)
¼ cup of mayonnaise
One tablespoon of mustard

• Mix ingredients all together in a bowl, adding the tomato ketchup to taste. The more ketchup, the sweeter it will be.

This is one of the easiest of all of the free low carb diet recipes I have found, and as well as making a tasty addition to salads, it also tastes great with most meats and fish too. Best of all, one tablespoon of the dressing contains only 35-calories and half-a-gram of carbohydrates. This is not only one of my firm favorites, it is a barbecue classic in our house with complements coming from my kids, husband and various friends.

Free Low Carb Diet Recipes and a Bonus Support Network.

low-carb-veggie-burgerI found most of my free low carb diet recipes courtesy of the internet. However, as well as finding a wealth of gorgeous easy low carb recipes I also found an important and unexpected support network from the Internet itself.

My husband has been fantastic and has taken the transformation of his wife from overweight whiner to slimmer carb fanatic graciously and gratefully. He has commented positively on my weight loss and my cooking, all of which have served to make me the confident person I am today. However, being able to read about other people’s experiences, learn from people’s mistakes and triumphs and just have proof that others have managed to survive a change to a low carb diet via the Internet was a great source of comfort for me.

Reading medical information and studies provided by a collection of Universities, hospitals and clinics gave me an almost expert understanding of not only how I needed to move forward with my healthy eating but also helped me understand where I had gone wrong in the past – essential information when making a permanent change to your eating habits.

If you do not have the support of a partner, family or friends, then the Internet can provide you with it. Whenever I felt I had made a mistake, needed free low carb diet recipes or was unsure about the carbohydrate count in a particular food, I logged on to my PC.
If I felt low and close to giving up my new healthy eating regime, there was plenty of places to go to find the support I needed.

Tackling The Takeaway.

Before I finish this section on free low carb diet recipes, I have to mention takeaway treats. As a rule, we don’t have a lot of takeaway meals but sometimes it is hard to deny the convenience a take out meal offers when you are pressed for time or come home from a busy day at work to a hungry family who want food straight away. While I did manage to collect a few free low carb diet recipes I could cook at home as a replacement to the takeaway, I wanted to know what were the best things I could choose on a takeaway menu that would bring me convenience without destroying my low carb diet.

So here is my hard and fast guide to choosing the best takeaway food

Sandwich subs – The average six-inch sub sandwich comes in between 35 and 42 carbs per sub. Obviously the ingredients will add carbs too, so my advice is to stick to chicken or turkey salad with an Italian dressing.low-carb-veggie-burger

Hamburgers – A standard beef patties hamburger with lettuce and tomato contains around 25 carbs. Adding bacon and cheese will raise this to 50-grams of carbs, so this is best avoided. A small serving of French fries contains around 24-grams of carbs, so again not a bad treat if you are craving fast food.

Fried Chicken – One piece of fried chicken contains around 7-grams of carbs, with a fillet of chicken having just 4-grams. Although mayonnaise, salsa, cheese and other sauces and dressings will add the carbs on, there is no doubting that chicken is the best takeaway food for a low carb dieter.
There are so many easy low carb recipes out there I would recommend cooking your own “treats” as often as you can, not only will this save you overloading on carbs it is also much better for your finances too. Look around my website for more free low carb recipe ideas that you and your family will love.

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