Easy Low Carb Recipes


I find that many people struggle to follow a healthy diet that is low in carbohydrates because they are either confused as to what counts as low carb or are under the misconception that a low carb diet means more involved, technical time in the kitchen.

This is far from the case, as there are plenty of easy low carb recipes available, for virtually all tastes, that take no time at all and taste just as good as their higher carbohydrate alternative.

First of all, here comes a really delicious and easy low carb recipe:

Minced Beef and Beans with Salad and Peppers.‏

4 tablespoons grape seed oil.
3 onions, finely chopped.
6 cloves of garlic, finely chopped.
500 g 3-7% minced beef.
1 tin of chopped tomatoes.
1 tin of butter beans, black beans or another tinned bean.
Dried or fresh basil and thyme.
Paprika, ground cumin and dried chili powder.
Salt and pepper.



On the side:
Salad; tomatoes, romaine salad, cucumber, sweet pepper fruit, oil and vinegar and optionally a low fat cheese.
Tomato salsa and spicy jalapenos.


Omelet with Bacon, String Beans and Broccoli.‏

10 large organic eggs.
300 g free range bacon, diced.
150 g string beans.
150 g broccoli, separated to bite size.
1 sweet pepper fruit
50 g low fat cheese.
Salt and pepper.

Bacon roasted until golden, drain fat away, and set bacon aside.
Whisk eggs and add a little salt and pepper, since the bacon is also salty. Pour mixture into a large pan (28 cm, oven proof). Add half of the bacon dices, all string beans, broccoli and sweet pepper. Let the omelet fry for 5-10 minutes, optionally add cheese and the remaining bacon. Place in the oven on 175 degrees celcius for 15-20 min (until top is golden).





If you are a lover of fish, you will appreciate this blackened salmon recipe that is as easy to make as it is tasty.

Low Carb Blackened Salmon Sandwich

woman-fishing-in-potYou Will Need –
One Pound of Salmon, Cut Up In To Four Pieces
One Small Avocado
Two Tablespoons of Low-Fat Mayonnaise
Four Crusty Rolls (Low Carb Options)
Two Plum Tomatoes, Cut In To Thin Slices
½ Cup of Sliced Red Onion
Two Teaspoons of Cajun Spice
• Preheat your grill to a high heat

• Rub Cajun spice all over each piece of salmon, ensuring even coverage and place under your grill for around 4 minutes each side.

• Mash up your avocado and mix in well with your mayonnaise.

• Top each salmon piece with the avocado and mayonnaise mix before layering tomato and onion on each piece and placing in between a sliced roll of bread.

This is one of the quickest easy low carb recipes I have in my collection and is much more filling than your average sandwich.
If you want to reduce the carb count a little more than you should skin your salmon fillets. To do this place your piece of salmon skin side down on a cutting board. Grab the tail end firmly and ease the blade of a sharp knife between the flesh of the fish and the skin. Ensure you hold the skin firmly using your other hand while you do this. Gently move the blade along, at roughly a 30-degree angle, which should successfully separate your fillet from the skin without causing any damage to the salmon flesh itself.
If you don’t like messing around with fish, it is possible to buy fillets of salmon without the skin.


Danish Meatballs with lentil mast and green salad

(Serves 4)

Danish Meatballs (frikadeller):
250 g minced pork
250 g minced beef
150 g flax seed flour
2 small onions, finely chopped
1-3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
2 organic eggs
1 dl lukewarn water
1 organic beef concentrate, cube, or table spoon powder

Lentil Mash:
350 g green, red or black lentils
1 organic beef concentrate, cube, or table spoon powder
1 tablespoon grape seed oil
1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 lime, juice
Salt and pepper


1 Iceberg lettuce, chopped
200 g small tomatoes, halved
1 red onion, sliced
1-2 avocado, diced
50-100 g drained cottage cheese or light fat cheese

Beef concentrate is mixed with lukewarm water, and mixed with the other ingredients. Let the meatball mix rest for 1 hour in the fridge. The meatballs can either be fried in the oven at 200 °C for roughly 45 minuttes (or until golden brown on the outside), or fried in a pan in either butter or rapeseed oil or similar.

Lentils are boiled for 10 minutes in water where the beef concentrate is added. The cooked lentils are blended in a foodprocesser together with the rest of the ingredients.

Salad is mixed together.


 One of the biggest pressures of adjusting your diet, is incorporating it successfully into your lifestyle.

Because, as I have mentioned before, I am a busy mum of two who also works outside of the home part time, it was important for me to find recipes that I could cook quickly without necessarily compromising on taste or quality. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that many of the easy low carb recipes I came across were not only perfect for me, but were also family friendly too.

Easy Low Carb Recipes for the Kids

 teenager with chips and sodaAs a rule, I don’t force my children to follow a low carb diet although doing so would not necessarily cause them any harm it is important they have certain things in their diet to ensure their development is normal. However, I do enforce healthy eating and I also taste test many low carb recipes on them to see if it is possibly something we can enjoy as a family.

My kids like food that is a little spicy, which is a good thing as their father and myself love spicy food, however, they are not really in to anything overly hot. The recipe below is not only low carb, it is spicy without over doing it and best of all, it’s quick to make and the kids love it.

Kids Chicken and Yoghurt Curry

You Will Need –
1 ½ Tablespoons of Low Fat Cooking Oil
One Medium Onion, Diced
Two Pounds of Chicken Thighs
½ Cup of Coriander
Two Cloves of Garlic, Crushed
One Teaspoon of Turmeric Powder
One Teaspoon of Fresh Ginger, Grated
1 ½ Teaspoons of Garam Masala
½ Teaspoon of Chili Powder
½ Teaspoon of Salt
Two Tomatoes, Chopped
½ Cup of Low Fat Yoghurt

• Using a blender, combine your ginger, coriander, garlic and onion and blend well until it reaches a paste consistency.

• Heat your cooking oil in a pan over a medium heat and cook off your paste for around two minutes.

• Add the salt, chilli powder, garam masala and turmeric and cook out for a further 60-seconds.

• Stir in the chopped tomatoes and yogurt and allow to simmer for around five minutes. Make sure you keep your eye on the curry and do not allow it to boil.

• Add your chicken to the sauce, ensuring each piece is evenly coated and allow to cook for a further 40-minutes.

• Serve with rice while hot.

This beautifully mild curry contains only 300-calories and two grams of carbohydrates per serving.
The real beauty of this recipe is if you fancy something with a little more of a spicy kick, you can adjust the amount of spices you add accordingly.
The kids love eating this curry with pita breads and have no idea it is another of mum’s easy low carb recipes.





When you want to marinate your chicken thighs or any kind of meat, to really get the spicy taste you want, you can put the meat and the marinade into a freezer bag and just massage the marinade into the meat. Let it stay that way for an hour or more in the fridge and the chicken peaces will taste wonderful when you fry them.

Crock Pot recipe/Slow Cooker recipe

Eating as a family is very important to me and like most families the one day we are nearly always guaranteed to have the time to sit down and enjoy a proper family meal is on a Sunday. While I like Sunday roast dinners, I find making them stressful, as it is difficult to get everything cooked and kept warm at the same time. One of the first easy low carb recipes I found, which was actually given to me by my own doctor, not only allows me to use my beloved crock pot but it has fast become our family’s meal of choice for Sunday dinner.

While this recipe is easy to make, it does take a long time and is best started the day before you plan to eat it so the chicken and spices have time to marinate over night. It really is worth the time.

Low Carb Whole Chicken – Crock Pot Style

You Will Need –
Two Teaspoons of paprika
One Teaspoon of onion powder
One Teaspoon of cayenne powder
Two Teaspoons of Salt
One Teaspoon of white pepper
One Teaspoon of thyme
½ Teaspoon of black pepper
½ Teaspoon of garlic powder
One Cup of Onion, chopped
One large roasting chicken (enough for your family)

• Place all our spices in a bowl and combine accordingly.

• Clean your chicken, ensuring all giblets are removed before rubbing your spice mix generously all over it.

• Place in a plastic food bag, ensuring it is sealed well and place in your refrigerator over night.

• Remove chicken from the bag and, after adding your chopped onion to the bottom of your crock pot place your chicken in gently. You do not need to add any liquid or stock, as the juices from the chicken itself will be sufficient.

• Cook on your crock pots lowest heat for around six to eight hours. Bear in mind that most crock pots vary in temperature, so ensure your chicken is cooked through before removing.

• Remove and serve with seasonal vegetables or salad.

My mouth is watering just sharing this most delicious of all my easy low carb recipes.


Because we always have a healthy supply of leftovers, the whole family also get to enjoy cold chicken sandwiches the day after for lunch too.
This recipe is also ideal for people who are watching their finances, as well as their waist line, as it is incredibly affordable to make.

For those of us who want to make permanent changes to our diet and lifestyle, gradual weight loss is the goal and is easily attainable once you are familiar with easy low carb recipes that suit you.
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