Omelet for Breakfast

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May 152016

Who wouldn’t like to have an omelet like this for breakfast?
Surely I would, especially if somebody else made it for me 🙂

low carb breakfast omelet

Two eggs per person
1-2 tomatoes
A little oil

Fat cheese

You can add some cheese on the omelet, and even a little cream in the omelet, if you like your breakfast to be a little more with substance.

Clean the tomatoes and the chives, cut both.

Fry the bacon. Some people want it almost raw, others prefer it almost crispy, and if you have the time you can make the bacon just like everybody prefers.

Stir the eggs together with a fork (add some cream if you like).
Spray the frying pan with oil, and when the oil is warm add the eggs.
Fry the omelet and if you like me like it well cooked use a lid to turn it over to fry it on the other side as well.
Right before it is finished you can add some cheese to melt on the omelet.

Now add bacon, tomatoes and chives, and you have a very tasty and delicious breakfast!

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